Posted by: Natalie | August 20, 2010

What I’m Avoiding

A Plinky Prompt . . .

Dear Plinky,

Thank you for today’s prompt as I am struggling with the words – which might go a long way to explain my avoidance.

Today, I am mostly avoiding editing. My plan was to make sure all pages of my manuscript had been printed off and clipped in the correct order. I was then to relocate from the now tidy office (yesterday’s avoidance tactic) to the sofa with a red biro, a pile of scrap paper, post-it notes and a ruthless attitude. I did not wake up ruthless (can you be ruthful?) and cannot find a red pen.

So far, however, I have accomplished other tasks; my finger nails have turned from red to turquoise, the last cherry yoghurt has been eaten, and the curtains pulled back. I think you will agree this is quite an achievement for 10.37 in the morning. I even succumbed to Jeremy Kyle and watched his daily piffle (a very rare occurrence) – I wasn’t sure there were enough rough clichés to keep him going, apparently I was wrong.

I think once a windy walk around the pond has been fulfilled I shall be able to at the very least locate the printer paper and load the respective files. However, I may delay in the actual printing. To have the whole thing out, in real hard copy and ready to be attacked by red ink, is quite a terrifying prospect. It means that this story isn’t simply stuck in my head any more, isn’t just a flickering screen of black and white megabytes – it will have breathed life. Bugger.

But, Plinky, you see a heavy weight hangs over me. I have been incredibly lazy for the most part of this week and I know I have to do something today. I have started to feel a little guilty and neglectful, I fear my story will not like me any more if I abandon it any longer. So I think I will start easy – I think I will start with the parts that I like best, giving me a few days of ‘fun’ editing to build up to the awkward parts. Yes, that is definitely a plan – I shall postpone the crying until next week!

Thank you for your help Plinky, I will be in touch soon.

Natalie x

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  1. I do know how you feel – somedays just the weight of the task is enough to bury you.

    I hope the walk helped!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how many other things you can find to do, while avoiding the one thing you should be doing!!!

    • It is quickly becoming one of my key skills!

      Natalie x

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