Posted by: Natalie | August 19, 2010

Toy Story 3

Last night, tissues in hand, we went to watch Toy Story 3. I had been warned that this film has caused grown men across the country to tear up, so I anticipated a sob-fest. Pixar-Disney have not only developed a spectacular level of animation but a skill in telling tales of heart breaking sentimentality. Any one who has watched Up will verify this as you would have to be stone cold and dead behind the eyes not to pour your heart out during the first twenty minutes. Toy Story 3, although taking on a very different rite of passage, does not fail to get you gulping down that lump in the throat.

Andy, is all grown up and heading off to college. Instructed to either pack/bin/store/donate his worldly goods, the future for our favourite cinematic toys looks a little bleak. However, being the loving owner that he is, Andy’s plan is to leave Buzz etal in the attic while Woody is to embark upon an adventure of his own to college. But, as usually befalls our plastic heroes, not all goes as planned.

They do escape the trash and find themselves at Sunnyside Day Care. At first it seems they have found a utopia, children to play with them over and over, loving them forever. However, behind the door of the caterpillar room, more than one kind of evil awaits, an evil that the toys must escape in order to return to Andy before he leaves.

Pixar have excelled again (they seem to do this with every film they put out) in narrating a brilliant action-adventure film that fits somewhere between The Great Escape and The Sopranos with a little touch of ‘Western’ sprinkled on top. A vicious gangster, a terrifying Big Baby and a ridiculously camp Ken (so funny!) are just a few of the new toys introduced in this final part of the trilogy, and in typical style they are sinister in the extreme. Had I been a kid watching this, Big Baby would have been viewed through my fingers – particularly the scene at night on a slow moving swing when his slightly battered head made a 180 turn *shivers*.

It is also fantastically funny. Old jokes are hinted at which ties the three films in neatly, including the resetting of Buzz to his factory conditions! But, this was taken a step further when the toys inadvertently make him Spanish! All I can say is the Tango scene is good enough to rival any professional dancer, and completely hilarious.

Part of me wants to describe the events at the end of the film that break the heart, but I can’t. I couldn’t ruin the film for you and to be honest, I couldn’t do it justice. But it is a situation that every child at some point grows into, be it at 17, 37 or 70. The level of emotion conjured in the faces of Andy and co. is wonderful and that alone would melt the hardest soul. But for those of us a little more fluffy, prepare to leave a blubbering mess!



  1. Dying to see this one!

    • Hi Merrilee,

      I think the most emotional bit for me was turning to my boyfriend at the end to see tears in his eyes, and he didn’t even pretend that there was something in them! Really touching film, I’m sure you will love it!

      Natalie x

  2. I watched this one a few weeks ago and completely agree with your review!

    • I think we would be hard pushed to find anyone who didn’t agree with us. I wasn’t really sure how they could round up the tales perfectly, but they did a remarkable job! To quote my boyfriend, “Best . . . trilogy . . . EVER!” Heehee!

      Natalie x

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