Posted by: Natalie | August 18, 2010

Lazy, lazy girl!

I don’t know if it is because I feel like I am now on my summer holidays (the thought of back-to-school leering ominously over my shoulder) or because my body is protesting the idea of writing today, but I am in an exceptionally lazy mood!

This being so, my blog post today is something of a cop-out! Last night we watched the BBC’s comedy show line up and caught the below sketch on That Mitchell and Webb Look. I thought it was a perfect description of a certain fruit based computer store and all the ridiculous giggamy-wots-its that go into describing how the blasted contraptions work! As much as I am often in awe of the technology available, goggling at the shiny things, I have no real idea as to what the sales assistant is telling me, nor the pocket money needed. It’s a minor miracle that I found my way onto this internet thing in the first place!

Ok, so I am not that bad – but this sketch beautifully depicts everything hateful and terrifying about shopping for a computer . . .

Have a lovely lazy Wednesday!



  1. I felt very slow today as well, and the 600 or so words on a short story had to be beaten out with hammer and tongs!

  2. That video was too funny. I’ve never seen That Mitchell and Webb Look before, but I’m going to definitely try to look for it now.

    Maybe when I have a lazy Saturday or something. Thanks for the laughs and have great lazy Wednesday.

    • I love Mitchell and Web – this clip is from their fourth series, but if I am honest, its not as funny as their other stuff, Peep Show, think that has at least four series too, if not more. Genius!

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