Posted by: Natalie | August 11, 2010


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Last night I couldn’t sleep. This isn’t like me, I can normally sleep standing up, eyes open and talking. Ok, so maybe an exaggeration, but you get the idea. My eyes wouldn’t even shut. I just lay, hot and uncomfortable next to the open sash window, watching the voile curtain not move. Everything felt stifled and wrong.

And then it came – that soft pitter-patter of a thousand, tiny dancing feet. They fell slowly at first, playfully and with those first steps landing gracefully on the pavement below, my eyes closed. But I was not going to sleep, not yet, there was more to come – I could feel it in every pore. As the tiny toes tapping on the pane turned to heavy heart beats, the first breath of air came through the veil of the open window. A cool, intoxicating scent of grass and tarmac and mud flooded in and every hair on my neck tickled to a stand still.

I did not need to move though, I did not need to hang my head through the window or attempt to catch the drops as they fell. I knew what I would see; that strange orange glow of the street light that always makes this seem like a place unknown to me; the flickering blue TV glow of the terrace bedrooms opposite; the gush of the broken drain pipe just to the right, barely even trying to funnel the storm water; a purpleness above; and rain drops. The kind of rain drops that, if during the day, would make me go and stand in the road without Wellington boots.

My brain began to fizzle out the day’s burning questions, my back eased and a smile crept across my dozing face. I love the rain. I love the sudden change from hideous heat to the shivering cold of a freshly brewed storm. I am a storm girl through and through, a cold weather babe; fascinating, unpredictable, ferocious, beautiful, uncontainable, changeable, irrational, intense, emotional, romantic, real.

With these happy thoughts, I succumbed to dream of stormy seas and wind tossed skies and sail away into a happy sleep.

(Just to ruin the mood – a thought, ney a memory has suddenly come to me. In my high school year book, a male friend wrote that I reminded him of the ocean. Not because I was stormy and romantic, but because I made him feel seasick! Strange the things we remember!)



  1. Hahaha! Love the random thought. That’s so funny.

    Your description of the rain falling as you tried to sleep is beautiful.

    • It’s funny the things that pop into your head when you’re trying to be creative! I was laughing so much that I just HAD to include it!!

      Thank you for the compliment.

      Natalie x

  2. Heeee – after a very sticky day yesterday I finally drifted off to a total downpour at about 1am. It sounded so refreshing and smelled so good – unlike you I WAS tempted to run outside in my nighty, throw my head back and drink it all down! 😀

    I love summer rain. xxx

    • Heehee! But we know this about me Cie, I am fundamentally lazy! It would have involved actually moving. It was just so lovely listening.


  3. I am a blog virgin (hehe). After getting on WordPress last night for the first time, to see about starting a blog – I too am a fledgling writer – I came across you in the Freshly Pressed section. And so tonight, to hop on the site again, and find your latest blog on rain made me tingle slightly! We had rain last night, however it dropped so heavily that there was absolutely no chance of me sleeping… how I wish I could have succumbed to dreams of stormy seas 🙂 Anyway, letting you know that yours is the first blog that I have subscribed to. Exciting times!

    • Hooray! Welcome to the world of blogging! So pleased you liked my post! I have been working on this blog since February this year and it is possibly the best thing I have ever done – might sound dramatic but there it is. It has really helped me to focus and vent and share all the nonsense that swims around in my head. And it is so lovely to hear from people like yourself and know that someone out there is reading!

      Feel free to drop by any time – let me also have a link to your blog then I can read you too!

      Good luck with it all, I’m sure you are going to love blogging!

      Natalie x

  4. Natalie, like Suzie, I am also somewhat new to WordPress; I however, haen’t blooged, as much as I’ve been posting whatever wiriting that I still have. As life dealt to me cards, that I had no choice but to part with my collection of personal journals and my livrary of books/chapbooks, I made the decision to post what I still have (mostly in a variety of website groups) and put them all here!

    Now, to get to the point… I’m in agreement with Herby’s take… your ‘aside’ IS what makes this account of rain to sea, a complete package… you brought it full circle – and with humour!

    Can’t wait to see what else you have in store, and maybe, I can turn a poem or two into a blog entry, too! Nice meeting you, Denise

    • Thank you Denise for your kind comment, I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog! Will be having a closer read of yours too – love the Lady of Shalott header!

      Good luck with the writing,

      Natalie x

  5. I love the rain…too bad I live where I hardly ever see it. Oh well, at least I can imagine I was there ;p

  6. Your writing is lyrical…so glad I found you.

    • You are so sweet! Feel like I trip over my own fingers most of the time so always lovely to get a compliment!

      Natalie x

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