Posted by: Natalie | August 8, 2010

PUBLISHED! Kind of . . .

I don’t normally blog on a Sunday, but today is a special day!

A couple of weeks ago when I was being particularly useless at getting much work done, I mentioned the Philip Reeve Blog, The Solitary Bee. This website had been a happy distraction that day and I hoped that it would provide me with a new corner of the internet in which to hide on ‘brain funk’ days. I never thought of any ‘grander’ consequences.

So, that night when I logged on late, I never expected to see an email from the author himself! The actual Philip Reeve! I was more than a little over excited – I quietly bounced around the living room for a few moments, trying not to wake the sleeping Steve in the room above. Ordinarily I would have woken him instantly for such a thing, but he having had his eyes lasered earlier that day, I didn’t think would appreciate being woken to the pain! Instead I did the only thing a bouncing girl can at that moment, and texted the lovely Cie and Kate who responded eagerly to my glee!

Since then, composure set in, I returned Mr Reeve’s kind email and since written an article for his Internet Miscellany. My post, Literary Soap Box, was added to the site this morning and I hope he will be kind enough to accept other submissions from me in the future.

So, you may be a little disappointed that I do not have more successful news to share (Steve is still waiting for that first million to roll in), but to me this is huge. If nothing else, it has made me one very happy lady who did not entirely keep her cool when faced with one of her literary heroes! A story for me at least.

Happy Sunday!




  1. I had a very similar response!

  2. Seeeee… eyes are turning, to you.

    The Internet has a bigger crowd than the book store.


  3. I read your post on The Solitary Bee and agree wholeheartedly. I am one of those girls (in the loosest sense as I am married and have two teens) who devours books and always have been.

    Jane Austen books, The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, oh so many to list, all have such rich language. I often tell my husband I wish everyone still spoke that way. Sure, it can be hard to understand but that’s what dictionaries are for, right?

    As a homeschooling mom, I want my children to experience the classics as they were meant to be read. It offers discussion of another time when life seemed simpler and expands their vocabulary.

    • I totally agree, and it is so lovely to hear (read?) similar views. I was Literacy CoOrdinator at my school for a time and was determined to get more ‘classics’ into the school library – there is such a rich history, particularly of English authors, that children just don’t know about. I find it shocking! I understand (and enjoy myself) the wealth of contemporary fiction out there, but one day that too will be ‘outdated’ and show a snap shot of a very different world. We should embrace our literary heritage, not mutilate bits of it!

      I hope you get to treat yourself to a good read once in a while.

      Thank you for stopping by and making me feel justified in my opinions!

      Take care, Natalie x

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