Posted by: Natalie | August 5, 2010

William Hussey, Malorie Blackman, the Postie and Me.

I love things turning up in the post! There is nothing more of a pure and simple pleasure than an unexpected parcel being delivered to your door. So much of my mail is complete junk and instantly bin-able, that whenever anything ‘unusual’ appears on the doorstep I look at it with some confusion and suspicion. But, inevitably, these little pearls create a broad smile and warmth in my tummy.

Random House Children’s Books recently gave away revised copies of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts & Crosses. I didn’t think I had been successful, but have been blessed with a little bit of joy on this fairly miserable Thursday morning. I pulled a muscle in my back over the weekend and woke up today in another miserable mood. Moving is less than fun and my entertainment plans for the weekend have had to be put on hold. I have to say, I have been sulking. But thanks to Random House, I am now feeling so much better about the world!

This new edition of Noughts & Crosses actually contains TWO tales for the wonderful price of nothing! (RRP £6.99). An Eye for an Eye was a short story penned by Blackman for the 2003 World Book Day. This book only had a limited run due to its World Book Day status and has been in demand since. It also plugs a gap between Noughts & Crosses and a later book, Knife Edge. So, as a little present to all those Blackman fans, this ‘middle’ story can now be read in the new Noughts & Crosses edition – just keep turning the pages!

So thank you to Corgi for reproducing these books and thank you to Random House for making my day!

While I’m at it, I would also like to give thanks to William Hussey, author of Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide. I picked up this book on a Waterstone’s 3 for 2 offer a good while back now – it was my justification for buying books that technically were not within my ‘research remit’. This book, loosely, was – aimed at boys. The fact that I picked it because the cover terrified me had nothing whatsoever to do with it – honest! It had nothing to do with the very classy black on black font of the title, and even less to do with the overly intriguing and incredibly limited blurb on the reverse. No, clearly, not a book that tickled my fancy at all. Simply research.

But, oh am I hooked! I am now about half way through this tale of sinister happenings, of murder and magic. The cover of the book terms Hussey as “The New Master of Dark Fiction” (again, not something I am remotely interested in. ahem.) and I am yet to be disappointed. I shall not review the story now, as I plan on saving myself that delight for when it’s completely read – but it has ticked every box so far! Lets be honest, its perfect for me – scary, gruesome, sinister, mysterious, beautifully presented and tantalisingly gripping. Add into the mix a villainous Cavalier with a terrifying cupboard (yes, you read that right – I have never been so concerned or unsettled by woodwork) and Hussey’s work could have been plucked from my own terrible dreams. But even more exciting for me, 2011 sees two more books of the Witchfinder series published. I certainly won’t be waiting for those to get to 3for2!

Bob along to the website and have a look at this wonderful world!



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