Posted by: Natalie | July 26, 2010


YES!!! Finally I have some – I have plenty plans for today’s booky type shenanigans! Although I have woke up with the same headache I went to bed with, I don’t care – I am going to plough through it! I have so much I want to accomplish today alongside my attempts at historical fiction! There are one or two blog type articles I want to begin composing (potentially to be used elsewhere – will tell you more another time) as well as putting the dread section of my book to bed.

I say ‘dread section’, its more like ‘dreadful’. Day 4 of my story has been proving to be something of a stumbling point, but I think I have it – finally! I think I may be able to complete it today and it (dare I say) actually be readable! I may even be able to thrust the pages under Steve’s gaze without being wholly embarrassed! But, this new motivation has thrown up a whole host of other tweeks that have suddenly become necessary throughout the rest of my book – as inevitably occurs to me, fixing one problem leads to a doubled work load. But, I am not daunted or bothered by this. Quite on the contrary – I am excited! I feel like there is life in the beast again – not a stagnating, decomposing goop of nonsense!

But, because I feel slightly wired through eagerness, anything of vague interest blog wise will have to wait today, you will have to make do with this rambled notes. But maybe have a read of the Guardian’s recent review of Louis Sachar’s new contribution to Teen-Lit, The CardturnerIt’s about Bridge! No, really – yes of course I mean the card game usually played by the older generations! It should be an enlightening experience to see how he puts his Sachar magic into this AND make teens want to read it!

If that doesn’t float your boat, have a flick through some of the newly added links to blogs and websites down the side, I’m sure you can find your way to something which will occupy!

Wish me luck for productivity! Will update you tomorrow! Happy Monday!


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