Posted by: Natalie | July 22, 2010

Time Waster

It hasn’t gone well this week, I have to be honest. Precious little achieved with regards to my book. Lots of pondering and mulling without any actual defined and definite answer. Without wanting to bore you overly, I have our two ‘heroes’ (One of which needs putting in a sack and drowning in the river Douglas) escape from a sinister and maniacal sorcerer. My plan next is for them to be caught up in a battle situation where another of the untrusted adults in the narrative saves them from the afore mentioned wizard. Fair enough. However, I am struggling with just how this can come about in a natural feeling way, without it jarring, feeling forced and ultimately pointless. The transition from one situation to another just won’t flow right and I am beginning to think that the whole section needs to be binned and an alternate route found. Hmmmm. I just don’t know.

So, while I have sat here in this quandary, I have continued my ramble through the ‘net. Yesterday I brought to you the genius that is Philip Reeve, found via my previous web wanderings. Today, I bring to you these little gems . . .

Firstly, a little bit of fun! I Write Like is a writing analysis web site. Basically you type away or paste into the box some of your writing and it tells you which famous author you are most like! Brilliant! When I shared a section of yesterday’s blog post, the analyser suggested I wrote like George Orwell! Nice! But, better still, when I provided a section of my current project’s prologue, I was analysed as Mary Shelley! Happy Days.


Next, for any teachers, parents or ladybird lovers, a competition! As Ladybird are re-launching the much-loved Read It Yourself Series, Booktrust Children’s Books are running a competition to win some of these lovely revamped books! However, bob along to the Read It Yourself web site, and they have more competitions too! Good old Ladybird.

In your children’s fiction reading, you should hopefully have come across the author Chris D’Lacy, responsible for wonderful works such as The Last Dragon Chronicles. Well, his website is not only lovely to read through but, there is also a rather cute little blog: Zookie’s Notepad. This Blog is written by Gadzooks, the dragon which appears in the previously mentioned series of books. It’s a little bit of fun and a very enjoyable read!

Oh, and while we are talking about blogs and children’s fiction – I also started reading Darren Shan’s blog – if you like all things scary, werewolffy and vampiric (etc) you will love his very boy orientated scare-thrillers, but maybe have a browse of his blog too!

But, my favourite stumble of yesterday was Yes, that’s it – adopt a word! The idea is, you can pick (more or less) any word you like – as long as it has not already been taken – and adopt it for a year! For a complete 365 days that word belongs to you! I love the idea! It costs £20 and all proceeds go to I CAN, the children’s communication charity. Certain celebrities and people of notoriety have also pledged their lolly for language including Stephen Fry who adopted ‘wordy’. My favourite noteworthy adoption is by Jasper Fforde who chose ‘linoleum’!

This sparked a good quarter hour of debate in my own head as to which word I could adopt – and also what I thought would be suited to my friends. I have not adopted a word, but I might be tempted to if I could think of the most suitable one – but I would also then have to buy some merchandise along with my donation pack to prove that for the next twelve months said word would be mine. I could be tempted by ‘jelly’ or perhaps ‘boisterous’. I also like words such as: wobbly, aluminium, whimsical, quango, narcissus, bobble, cardamom, cinnamon, bother, fruity, bob, moisture, despicable, pop, splat, splodge, platter, congruous, spume, . . . . (this could go on much longer) just because I like the way they feel in my mouth, or how they make me smile for some inexplicable reason! So, what word would you adopt?

Lets hope today I can actually find some focus – otherwise I could get horribly used to this time-wasting lark!


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