Posted by: Natalie | July 14, 2010

It’s all coming up Me!

Good things just seem to be rolling one after the other recently – aside from this irritating Jet Lag and the cross contamination of Steve’s cold!

As you may know, I am prone to panic. In particular where finances are concerned and where the threat of full time teaching necessarily looms. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in September – I had to start earning again yet desperately wanted to keep writing; a balance was going to have to be found. So, I signed up to a local teaching agency as well as applied to be an APP tutor (those educationalists among you will hopefully understand what that entails). However, none of the above will now be necessary – with hope.

As I was mid cleaning etc on Monday morning following my 6.45am jaunt to Tesco, and just before my body collapsed with serious fatigue, I received a phone call somewhat out of the blue. It was a headteacher of one of the confederation schools in the area I used to work. She had been passed my name, number and a glowing reference (Andy, you are a star, thank you!) and would like to offer me a part time post for twelve months. The details sounded intriguing, so yesterday I went to meet the lady in question and discuss further the opportunity.

It is a 0.6 contract, meaning I would still have four sessions (probably four afternoons) to continue writing and working on my potential to become published. The six sessions I am in school, I will be working on a one-to-one basis with children in year 2 who are struggling with Maths. It is a Government initiative (oh, how we love those!) titled Every Child Counts, which provides me with training and an accreditation at the end of it. So not only have I got the three days work I wanted, not only have I still got time to write, I will also be doing something entirely different to all my previous teaching experience.

I have proved myself as a competent KS2 teacher and Literacy Co-Ordinator and now I have the opportunity to prove myself in KS1 and with Numeracy. Ok, so its quite some time since I have taught Year 2 proper, but this should be a suitable challenge that could look really good on the old CV. It will prove that I can balance more than one career as well as show I have done something productive and worthwhile with my time. I’m quite excited about it – mainly because I will really get the best of both my worlds – I am able to continue on this path that I have well and truly fallen in love with, but I get to follow through with the best (and most rewarding) aspects of teaching without the bureaucratic nonsense! I can’t quite believe my luck!

So, a massive thank you to those who spoke so highly of me and that have afforded me this new opportunity and additional string to my bow.


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