Posted by: Natalie | July 5, 2010

TV Heroines

A while back, I wrote a post which discussed my favourite Literary heroines. But, today, I would like to share with you a window into my soul, I would like to tell a few of the TV heroines I really wish I could be!


Doctor Who’s Amy Pond.

I love her! Not only is she beautiful and stylish but a complete firecracker! I would love to be as confident and as feisty. She is my current Number 1!


My previous number one, but currently usurped by the above, is Lorelai Gilmore, from Warner Bros’ The Gilmore Girls. (However, secretly I think in the long term, she will always be my number one!)

Men beware! She is compelling and mesmerising and once you are hooked your heart will never be the same again! Slightly manic and lots of fun, independent and strong, and so full of love, she is the ultimate woman – almost Amazonian! But along with all this expect eccentricity and high maintenance. But still, a true pearl!

And finally, Sydney Bristow, an ass-kicking, double/treble/quadruple (?) double agent for a secret government organisation. There ain’t not messin’ with this little lady- she knows several martial arts and understands the use of pretty much any type of weaponry. Plus the girl’s ‘secret identity wardrobe’ is never ending and fantastic always. Who wouldn’t want to be a complicated international crime fighting jet setter with a license to kill? James Bond doesn’t even compare!



  1. Sydney Bristow is my hero!

    • Sadly I never got the end of Alias, think I watched first 3 seasons. We borrowed them from a friend but I don’t know how it all ended! Definitely an investment for the future! Hope you, hubby and bump are all well my love! Nxxx

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