Posted by: Natalie | June 24, 2010


See what I did there?! See what I did? No? Just me? ok.

Photo by Eugenio Recuenco for Spanish Vogue 2003 (Click me)

I found the above photograph via the blog:

Today I am all about Cinders. Firstly because I have some final pre-holiday cleaning to do, so I shall be forgoing the creative genius for the day in favour of scrubbing floors and carpets! I shall also be calling upon any culinary skill I may have to use up the final bits and pieces in my fridge for a veritable feast of wonderment – just think how lucky Laura is, who is coming round for a bribery meal this evening! She has kindly offered her services (or those of her lovely boy Rob) to deliver Steve and I to the airport early on Saturday morning.

So, I am spending the day in my rags playing at housekeeper, ensuring that clothes are clean and ironed and sewn (where needed). But unlike our slightly irritating heroine (oh come on! Who actively enjoys being a perpetual slave in their own home? Who sings songs with animals as they are forced time and again into hard labour and bullying? I think the actual Cinderella may have had frontal lobe issues!) I am doing this for myself! I know when I return from Vegas (my own ball, conjured by my own fairy godfather – Steve!) I will have the post holiday blues. This will only be made worse if my house is in a mucky tip when we stumble, bleary eyed, through the door. So, thinking ahead!

But if this were not enough, I am setting myself a much bleaker, tougher goal – to finish Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, even if it kills me! I am not taking this book on the plane with me, it will be staying here and you will have something of a review tomorrow whether you want it or not! I am sure the book cannot be as tedious as I am making out, I am sure for some readers they will enjoy every last morsel of it. But, I am struggling to see how, for me, it can redeem itself before the closing pages. But we shall see!

So for now, I shall leave you with another amazing photograph taken by Eugenio Recuenco. Amazing.

Found at (Click me)


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