Posted by: Natalie | June 21, 2010

Charity Shop Success

This weekend we went on a mini jaunt which included a fabulous summer shindig at the Shuttleworth-Sykes household in Oldham. In celebration of Ellie’s big 3-0 (and the fact that the lucky pair are due their first baby at the end of this year), a feasting of a barbecue variety was had, and a good old catch up with some university faces.

As ever, the hosts put on a brilliant do – I had so much fun, it was great to slot back into the old university habits and thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. And, despite the morning cloud and a bitter North West wind, I was determined to wear my pretty sun dress!

This is an awful photo I know, but it's the only one that really shows the dress!

I was so pleased when I found this little number – it was £3.50 from a local Hospice charity shop. It’s a New Look dress and when I picked it out, my fellow shopper rolled her eyes and suggested I leave it on the rack. I am so happy I ignored her! And I am so happy I ignored the weather too, as I was glad of my frock when the sun beat down!

But what I found really bizarre was something I am entirely unaccustomed to. I was repeatedly complimented on how nice it was and how well it suited me, but not just from friends, but from random strangers at the party who actively crossed the garden to tell me so! It sounds big headed, but I often expect some of my friends to compliment me in such a way, but it is purely down to the fact they know how self concious I am and that my confidence levels are often pretty low. So to have people who don’ t know me from Adam say such wonderful things was incredible.

Likewise, within moments of me posting the photos on facebook last night, I was hit with several similar compliments from lovely ladies up north! This dress is magic! Even though it is incredibly simple and so very cheap, it makes me feel a million dollars!  My birthday party summer dress has just shot to number one for swanning around Vegas in next week! And it backs up my opinions on clothing too; its not the brand or the cost that makes something worthwhile, its how it makes you feel when you wear it. With each little kind word in my direction I could feel my confidence growing which made me so very happy!



  1. The dress is gorgeous, but in these pics it’s not JUST the dress that’s working for you. It’s the lipstick, and the hair and the fact that you look like you FEEL glamourous in it. It’s the look you’ve put together and the obvious affect it has had on your confidence!

    It’s not the dress that’s beautiful, it’s you!

    • Aw sweetie, thank you so much! How cute are you?! I do think you may be a little biased though, but I appreciate it none the less! Nxxx

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