Posted by: Natalie | June 16, 2010

Book Reviews

As I am teaching all day today, this post was pre-scheduled using WordPress’ brilliant publishing tool. It is pre written posts like this that I am aiming to prepare for when I am away for a whole two weeks, so that this relatively new blog doesn’t go entirely dark in its early days.

But, I am not especially looking forward to writing one for every day, indeed I probably won’t get that far! So, I thought I would ask if there were any readers out there who have often fancied writing their own book review or similar? Anyone who has mulled the blogging idea over and never quite got around to putting fingers to keys and pen to paper? Simply – does anyone want to write a book review for my blog?!

Cheeky I know, but there is such a wealth of reading out there that I may never even touch, I would be interested to share others thoughts here too. If you are ready and willing, email me via the Contact page with your review and I will schedule your words between mine!

I hope to hear from you all soon!





  1. I’ll write one if you like? You know I’m always up for writing about books! 😀

    • I would love that sweetie, but I shall say NO as you are poorly and should be spending all spare time doing nothing but convalescing – I am not going to add to your work load! But love you for the offer!


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