Posted by: Natalie | June 14, 2010

The Count Down Is ON!

Yes it is! I am starting to get a little over excited and will probably become quite irritating to people around me over the following days as it is now less than a fortnight to my Vegas extravaganza!

I find my brain this morning a little ditzy, as if I can’t focus on one thing or another; it too is starting to bubble over with joy at my impending jolly. So this post is going to be relatively short and probably without much purpose. I have realised how much I want to get finished writing wise before I go on holiday so my plan is to be uber productive this week and next (but we all know what happens to best laid plans) so apologies if my posting becomes a little erratic!

I am hoping that this bouncy brain feeling is a reason why I have only managed to read 108 pages of Confessions in over a week! Its not a book I have enjoyed reading for long stretches of time (so far). In fact I have found this book, more than any other I have read this year, a little disengaging. I can read three, four, even five pages and not take a single word in. I suddenly come round and try to recall anything of the previous paragraph and fail miserably – but then even when I re-read the missing pages, I am hardly inspired or entertained. Hmmm.

I am hoping that the only reason I am failing to focus is due to the brewing sherbet bubbles in my belly – and not because the book is as dull as I fear it is! But I shall keep going, and try to read a little more than I can tell you an honest view of the whole piece!

As for now, the lap top will be put down for a time while I re-edit the pages I have worked on recently. I haven’t been as massively productive as I should have been of late and it is starting to pray on my mind a little bit. The self imposed guilt is setting in again. Add that to two full days teaching this week and I am starting to feel almost responsible for my lack of action recently! And we can’t have that now can we – so time to put in some more hard work then I can viably use excuses for not working hard again in the future!

Today’s aim? To have my lead characters escape their sinister captor in a suitably swashbuckling and magical way without it being twee, annoying and entirely unrealistic. Also, to strengthen the voice of one character in particular who I suspect is going to start annoying me again very soon if I don’t!

See you tomorrow.


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