Posted by: Natalie | June 14, 2010

Pick up a Puffin (via Second Hand Shopper)

Failure. I did not know that it was Puffin’s 70th anniversary! Thanks to the wonderful Cie at Second Hand Shopper, I now do and have duly voted for my favourite Puffin Classic. Personally, I went for ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E. B. White, but there are other wonderful books to choose from.

Please, click through to Cie’s post, read more then vote away yourself, but you only have until the 16th to do so.

Pick up a Puffin I've something of a soft spot for Puffin children's books. I inherited lots in my childhood, and as a result the 70s and 80s editions of classics by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Stephen Chance, Rosemary Sutcliffe and other such authors evoke waves of nostalgia. I can rarely leave one behind in a charity shop, and have a growing collection on my bookshelf. In celebration of their 70th anniversary, Puffin are asking you to vote for your favourite child … Read More

via Second Hand Shopper



  1. I didn’t know until The Bookseller told me this morning! Though I am now following Penguin on twitter, so should be ahead of the game from now on (or at least, only running very slightly behind…) 😀

    • Ah, to tweet or not to tweet? Not sure if I’m ready for that much connection with the world! Heehee! Nxxx

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