Posted by: Natalie | June 8, 2010

Welsh Wander

I am back in Birmingham!

I have had such a wonderful few days away with my Mum in North Wales and I will bore you with all the details through the week I am sure! To write about everything I want to in one post would be ridiculous, and you may never return to read my blabbering again!

I was able to catch up properly with Mum as well as read lots lying on a sunshiny beach with waves crashing happily onto soft sand. Having the pup in toe too was brilliant fun, I had forgotten how much I loved having a dog about.


In fact, there were lots of things I realised I had forgotten. While I was packing my bag a Mum’s yesterday morning, I got terribly homesick. I know that my plans to return to the North West are a definite and somewhere in my future but it suddenly hit me – I wanted to go home.

I love living in Birmingham, my life here is a good one. We have a good house (maybe not so much the kitchen) with a garden that is finally becoming usable; we are ten minutes from a wealth of entertainment; and geographically we are in a good spot for reaching most of our friends. There is so much that I would miss in this place, but its not home.

I miss being so close to the hills and being able to disappear for a walk somewhere pretty at the drop of a hat. I miss my family being on the doorstep, being able to just see them at a moment’s notice. There are so many small, indescribable and immeasurable reasons but they all add up so that every now and again they pull on me so hard, it hurts.

Spending some quality time with those up North defines what I want in the next few years. I want to be up there, I want to be able to spend more time with all my family, I want a dog, I want to not feel like I miss out on every little thing that happens! Its not as dramatic as it might sound, it was always a must for me, the Midlands was not forever. And this current stance will wane a little as I settle back into this life that I equally love. Going home just highlights those desires and wants that lie sleeping for the vast majority of the time.

But all is good. I have had a lazy morning so far, sat watching telly in bed and catching up on Facebook antics! I shall be supplying you with a few posts this week from my holiday, including my review of Shiver by Maggie Steifvater.

Hope you are well!



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