Posted by: Natalie | June 4, 2010

Holiday Shopping

Previously I have complained at my lack of ability to locate decent holiday clothes at a reasonable price that also fit me! After trawling the cheapest of establishments and coming out every time massively disheartened, I finally gave into the fact that maybe, just maybe, I needed to branch out a little! And spend a little more. So, I borrowed from here, cut a little from there and managed to put together £100. I have bought a couple of ‘frivolous’ items, in that they cost me more than I am usually willing to spend, but I hope you will agree, I’ve not done too badly!

My absolute favourite buy is this Flirty Flare Skirt from Joe Browns. At £27.95 I think this is a great investment for me. It is a decent length to be worn without tights or leggings in the summer months, but it is just the type of garment I will wear in the absolute dead of winter with my knee boots. I had looked at it almost every day for about three weeks before I finally gave in and ordered it! And I am so pleased. It is possibly one of the comfiest things I now own and I won’t feel a mess walking the Vegas Strip!

I had always wanted a maxi dress. I had long poured over web pages of them and purred at shop windows at the beautiful essence of summer. But they come with two problems. Firstly many are made far too cheaply, with thin cotton fabric and nasty elastic. Secondly, they are more often than not elasticated across the bust. This means that on a figure such as mine, the material simply hangs from your boobs as if draped along a shelf. Having a big bum too means that there is an equal spread of fabric in the back. Essentially, these glamorous dresses styled me like a Millets’ Tent – not a good look. But then, I went to Dotty P’s. All hail Dorothy Perkins for providing me this dress for a slightly pricey £35.

I absolutely love it! Yes it is more than I wanted to pay, but it is so very worth it! Originally I wanted something which I could stylishly wear down to the pool and back, as well as keep me cool walking around the City. But this little number can be worn to sophistication I think, at the strips cool and trendy hang outs! It is from one of Dotty’s ’boutique’ designers, Purple. It is made from crinkled cotton which means instead of just hanging like a dead thing, it contracts to your shape, and hugs your curves gently and gracefully. The elastic band is beneath the bust which means it can highlight the fact that I actually have a waist! The top of the dress has a canny drawstring that runs the whole way around which can instantly change the dress from two straps, to no straps or to a halter neck. I feel so glamorous in this little number, particularly as there is a lot more fabric in the base of the dress so it kicks out and flutters around as you walk! With my hat and sunglasses, I feel almost movie-star-esq! A wonderful dress!! Sooooooo happy!

Next, we worship the mighty TK Maxx! If it were not for them I would still only have one T shirt in my wardrobe! For me, T-shirts are really hard to find. Yes there are hundreds about, but they are all plain – I want something vaguely interesting on mine! The plain ones make me think of middles aged women, or worse – old women! This may not be entirely accurate, but it’s what I feel like when I wear them. So, we love TK Maxx for providing these brilliant Plain Lazy Ts for only £5 each! Bargainous!!

But the British Heart Foundation in Sutton Coldfield led me to another much needed T shirt in the style of this dark red Mambo T-shirt, depicting an owl (Wit-woo), unworn for £3.10.  You can’t see the picture too well, but trust me, its quite cool!

So, the totals. Skirt, £27.95. Dress £35. 2 x Plain Lazy Ts, £10. Mambo T, £3.10.

Total = £76.05

But, then comes along my wonderful boy who has stood patiently outside so many changing rooms recently, waiting to view every single item I have tried on, and in his hand is this gorgeous linen blend sweater from Gap . . .

I love it so much, it is really light, airy, loose, fun, cooling – I fell in love. But then I saw the tag and cringed. I was not going to be able to spend the required monies on this lovely top. Sulking slightly I went to return the sweater to its rack when my beautiful boy steered me towards the tills! He bought me my jumper!!!!! Have I got the best boyfriend or what?! Yes it is a jumper and not strictly holiday wear, but I will so be taking it with me. And as with the denim skirt, it will be worn until the threads no longer stay together!

So, technically I had a little change, not much but some. With the coppers jangling in my pocket, I have been able to buy a sun hat from Debenhams for £10 and Tesco sunglasses for £3. I still have an amazing £10.95 left to spend! Even though I have a couple of expensive items amongst my purchases, and one that was bought for me (lets not count that in shall we?) I don’t think I’ve done too badly. Now as for the last tenner, I might splash out and treat myself to one last frivolous holiday item. Hmmmmmm, I will have to have a think!



  1. LOVE that maxi dress! I have the exact same problem, and every one I’ve ever tried just manages to make me look about six months pregnant! Think I may have to take a trip to DP, cheers Nat!xx

    • It’s such a fab dress! Everyone should have one!! Was trying to find it on the website for you, but have failed miserably!

      Thank you so much for the book by the way my lovely, it has gone straight to the top of the pile!


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