Posted by: Natalie | June 2, 2010

The Girl Who

I can’t find this book. Well, obviously, if I actually went into a book store I would inevitably find a full priced version, crease free and shiny. But that is not the point! I have mentioned before how I do not like to pay full price for a book but prefer to find an older, well loved and much better priced copy. But I am struggling with the third instalment of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.

Since falling in love with Larsson’s characters in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I have carefully stored the second book for my trip to Vegas. The Girl Who Played with Fire has sat tantalisingly on my bedside table, waiting to be read and I am struggling not to pick it up each time I finish another book.

Even though my book pile is huge I have decided I don’t care – I want the third book. I want to take The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest with me on my long American journey too. But I just can’t find it!

Charity shops seem not to have much beyond Trollop at the moment, BookMooch and GreenMetroplois have failed me, and I am left wondering whether I would regret the full price! It might not be regret for parting with my coins, but I would far rather the money go to a charity or worthy pocket rather than a corporate one – it’s a bizarre stance I know, but it’s the one I have.

So, please, if you happen to come across a cheap copy or you have one you no longer want, let me know. I promise there will be wondrous rewards for those who come to my aid!



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