Posted by: Natalie | May 17, 2010

Nothing to Wear

My post has been delayed today as I have been once more distracted with something none literature based! As you may well know from previous over-excited posts, I am going on proper summer holiday this year- Vegas Baby! And as much as I am soooooo ridiculously excited about my hols, I am starting to feel a little downhearted – I have no summer wardrobe.

I like my winter woolies and clothes I can layer. I am very much a cold weather person and my outfits suggest the same. I will automatically opt for the darker colours and the thicker fabrics because they make me feel cosy and secure. I do have plenty light skirts that match these wintery garments, but what do I wear in the blistering desert heat of an American July? I have dug through my wardrobe to unearth a few pieces that I can safely wear in public (namely flip-flops) but I am sadly lacking in suitable summer garb. Yes I have the staple Tesco vest tops, but they are not very becoming!

I am also on a budget. As you may have guessed! The not having a full time job thing has something of an impact on the finances available for frivolous clothes buying – I am not a shopper! This is all fine, I don’t like spending much on clothes. But part of the problem with looking at the cheaper shops, the Primarks, H&Ms and Supermarkets etc, is that they do not fit particularly well. So you find me with a dual dilemma. Firstly, I have no idea where to start with picking out items to pad out my summer wardrobe, and secondly I have serious difficulty finding clothes that fit in a budget range. If anyone out there has a solution to one or both of the above issues, then please please please, drop me a comment and help the cause.

Otherwise, I may be walking the Vegas Strip in a roll neck – dress – leggings combo and sweating to death! (The dress cannot be worn without the other items, I have experimented this afternoon!).



  1. Ooh clothes, my favourite topic! Not that I am any kind of expert and often look a terrible mess on hols as never seem to have any kind of clever ‘capsule’ wardrobe that they suggest in the magazines.

    Got three ideas:
    1) Matalan – got loads of summer tops there one year, bit nicer stuff than i found in primark etc. and no more expensive
    2) charity shops (sure you will have thought of this, but def worth a look). I found a nice summer skirt in one on Sat from Gap!
    3) Find a nice patterned summer skirt that has about 4 (or more!) different colours in it then buy cheapish vest tops in these colours to go. Can spend a little more on the skirt and less on the tops – et voila you already have four different outfits and the patterned skirt keeps the outfit interesting, not too plain or cheap-looking!

    Stephen is off to Vegas next thurs for a big poker trip but bit worried about the whole ash/BA fiascos at the moment! xx

    • Heehee! Cheers chicky! I haven’t actually tackled Matalan yet, but its definitely on the list! Also have LOTS of charity shops in Erdington, but the ‘quality’ of tops is a little dubious – might need to go a bit more up market and venture into Kennilworth or somewhere with rich people!! I am also really liking the 4-for-1 outfit options that a patterned skirt gives, all mine are plain to go with black sweaters in winter! I shall let you know what I find!

      Bloody Volcano! I hope he gets out there ok – you getting some quality girly time in then?!! Steve was reading something yesterday about this debacle, apparently last time this volcano erupted like this, it did so on and off for two YEARS! There will be murders if it stops me from getting to Vegas! Hope Stephen has a fab time!

      Cheers for the help my love!


      • He he yes lots of girly time for me! Quite looking forward to having the tv to myself and flat staying tidy for 2 weeks! Hope he makes it out there!

        When do you actually go in July? Sure stephen will be able to give you tips etc. for good places to go when he comes back (although sure you will want to discover lots for yourself too!) although his holiday plans do seem quite biased towards poker and shooting guns (apparently you can try out all sorts like machine guns out there – not my cup of tea!)

        Well good luck with the shopping and yes a more affluent area will have better stuff in the charity shops I reckon – I head towards High St Kensington rather than Hammersmith for that!


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