Posted by: Natalie | May 13, 2010

Sweet Caroline . . .

Ba! Ba! Baaaaah!


My Cie of Second Hand Shopper has put me to shame. Following my morning post which dedicated some lines to my boy and how I ended up where I am, Caroline wrote her own. Anyone who knows her story cannot help but be moved by how incredible she is. Her post, How I Am Me (hmmmmm, copyright Miss S?!) is so lovely, so well written, poignant and heart warming. It has put my own writing to shame, so much so that I think a re-write of today’s post might be on the cards!

Step over to her blog and have a read – if you are not touched by her words then you are dead behind the eyes! Or maybe that’s just Tess Daley?!

Or, have a click on the photo below to read an old post of mine, Makes Me Smile which explains just a little about why I love this girl so!



  1. It’s not plagiarism, I was “inspired” by you… 😀 I hoped you wouldn’t mind…

    And codswallop about putting to shame – yours made me cry first! 😛

    Love you extremely muchly baby xxxx

    • Heehee! I know, of course I don’t mind! Your post has more point to it though, mine is more reminiscent! Nxxx

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