Posted by: Natalie | May 6, 2010

Polling Day Propaganda

If it has escaped your notice that today is the general election, then you have been living in a blacker hole than I! I have indeed voted and I am not ashamed to say that I voted Liberal Democrat. I have voted the same way before. But this time, I feel it may have a little weight behind it. Nick Clegg might not be our PM tomorrow, but if nothing else, he may temporarily prevent Lord Voldemort from rising to his throne.

I really don’t like David Cameron. I find him weasely and sly and highly slappable. One of the brilliant things to come from this election (other than first time voters actually discussing politics and beginning to take an active interest, and general people actually having an opinion on the situation) is the ‘propaganda’. By this, I mean the negative, micky-taking propaganda which has flooded the web and other media outlets. In particular, those directed at the Conservatives. One image that I love, being something of a StarWars fan, is the take on the Aniken Skywalker poster – David Cameron in the desert casting a shadow of Margaret Thatcher. I couldn’t find the picture again, but this image from says it all . . .

But, its that has me in election day giggle fits! It is a website dedicated to airbrushing and ‘adapting’ the conservatives election poster campaign. There are so many brilliant ones, it was hard to pick which to share with you, so click through the images and have a giggle for yourself.

Some of the best spoof material I have seen on TV has come from BBC’s Newsnight. In particular the ‘Yes Minister’ take on each party’s manifesto. If you have never watched ‘Yes Minister’ or ‘Yes Prime Minister’ you are seriously missing out. It was a radio and TV series (three of them) run during the 80’s and takes something of a tongue in cheek view of the runnings of Westminster. The clever thing is, it not so much tongue-in-cheek. You can actually believe the farcical conversations and activities actually happening in real time. It is also still entirely relevant. Yes the scenery and styling is clearly dated, but you can still imagine these twisting and turning, sly and slimey MPs ‘gracing’ Downing Street as we live and breathe. Its a much tamer (language wise) version of Armando Iannuci’s “The Thick Of It” which is also awesome!

Newsnight cleverly took on the ‘Yes Minister’ guise and had Sir Humphrey Appleby digest and deliver the information between the lines of each party’s manifesto. If you are still unsure as to who to vote for today, or if you like a little satirical giggle on a Thursday afternoon, click through to the Newsnight site and watch the three short video’s.

As issues on Europe and immigration are some of the most hotly debated among, pretty much, all political parties, I thought I would leave you with the below You Tube clip from fefetube. This is a clip of the original Sir Humphrey explaining the UKs Foreign Policy to his minister, however, it still screams modern relevance. He is, I suppose, what we would title as a ‘spin doctor’ and steps in constantly to ‘clarify’ to the somewhat naive and optimistic minister, just how politics works. It is interesting to see who truly holds the keys to 10 Downing Street!

Go Vote. Don’t waste your right!


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