Posted by: Natalie | April 28, 2010

Work Underload

Hmmm. Yesterday I set about sorting my CV and making it resemble something I can actually allow other human beings to read. Its the summer school term and I really need to start thinking about the coming 12 months.

Two things are preventing me from applying for full time teaching positions. Firstly, I’m not ready. The idea cripples me and I feel like I may as well burn everything I have worked on as my dreams will be quashed. Secondly, I don’t know how much longer I am going to be in the Midlands. For some reason, in my bizarreness, the idea of a full time teaching job in the North West, excites me. I know that if someone offered me a job near home tomorrow, I would bite their hand off and truly relish having my own classroom again. Its almost as if my brain is preventing me from entering into a full time contract here that I cannot be released from.

But it more than just a permanency thing. As a teacher I am entirely committed. 99% of my waking term time hours (and the vast majority of my sleeping ones) are obsessively dedicated to my job. I live it, breathe it, complain about it. For me to be this committed to something, I need to know that I am not just in it for the short haul – it needs to be something that holds promise and hope and a future. I couldn’t enter into full time employment here if I genuinely felt there might only be a year or eighteen months worth of career in a school. That’s not what I want from my next employ, I want it to be something long term and substantial and northern!

But, the over-riding feeling still remains. I feel to leave the writing now will be hugely detrimental. But, I am going to need to boost the finances at the very least to cover the mortgage and bills. The chances of me boosting my days in my current school are slim. So my next step is to apply for a tutoring scheme run by Solihull MBC as well as presenting myself to other schools in the area for future supply work. However, this is not a guarantee.  There is a lot of ‘regeneration’ in the area and merging schools which means the workforce has to be utilised there first – too many people for too few jobs.

So, to the TES or to Birmingham supply agencies. That is the next possible option. Another is to canvas the local schools and try to set myself up as a personal tutor. Whatever I do, I would ideally like it to be flexible and allow me to spend at least one or two days a week writing. Any other suggestions? Obviously, the most enticing offer, yet the most unlikely, is to have a publishing deal before then. I highly doubt this will be the case.

So, here is a little challenge for you. Do you have any brainwaves at all that could lead me to earning pennies to keep my dream alive? If so, please, please comment. I am starting to feel a dreaded necessity creeping in and any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

Thank you.


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