Posted by: Natalie | April 27, 2010


I am not a sci-fi fan. I am far from being a trecky. Aliens don’t tend to interest me unless Han Solo be involved in some way. All of this is a little strange considering one of my first writing projects (and temporarily abandoned) revolved around a particularly nasty alien that would skewer young children in order to lick the sweat from their toes without a wriggling and a giggling. I still like my story and  I still think it has merit. I loved writing the first draft as it was light hearted and fun. However, it needs to be more of a murder mystery, and needs layers of darkness and fear to push the reader on. I don’t intend working on it for some time but I just wanted to share my developing new love for the world of the extra terrestrial.

My Doctor Who, technically, is Sylvester McCoy. I remember him saving the world from the super scary cyber men with Ace at his side in all her 80’s chic. I didn’t watch it religiously, nor did I when Christopher Eccleston reinvented the time lord. I did dip in and out of the series when David Tennant was in command – who wouldn’t, but the serious lack of Billie Piper switched me off. That is, until Easter this year when along came Matt Smith. He is an incredible Doctor, and along with the most fantastically named, Amelia Pond, has me for once unable to miss an episode.

One of the things I do like about Dr Who, is its ability to be quite terrifying but still within the remit of a ‘family’ audience. One of my lasting terrors from David Tennant’s foray, was the episode, “Blink” featuring Sally Sparrow and the weeping angels. I was half tempted to watch this Saturday’s episode from behind the sofa as it saw these terrifying beings return to BBC1. If you don’t know the story of the weeping angels, then allow me to close the gap a little. These are aliens of a particularly terrifying nature. When you look at them, they hide their eyes and appear to be an angelic statue made of stone. But turn out the lights, close your eyes, or simply just blink and they move with awesome speed and change into a horrific, demon like being – thirsty for your death! It is exactly the kind of excruciating enthralment I would love to create!

Saturday’s episode was the first in a two parter, so if you have yet to meet these menacing creatures, switch on this weekend to experience the fear! But if you can’t wait that long, could I interest you in a little digression? Originally, this next part was going to be an article on its own, but as happy coincidence would have it, I can tie it in quite neatly with the weeping angels.

Last week, Steve came across a 19 year old songwriter and performer who is making a mark on the internet world. I believe his source was The Guardian news paper, but this young man has also been on BBC breakfast as well. Charlie McDonnell videos began popping up in emails from my boy while he was ‘very busy’ at work. But it was only with further delving into his website that we discovered his devotion to the Doctor and his own homage to “Blink” (see the below video).

Awesome! His videos are so infections and can’t help but make you smile and feel damn good about life!

So, two things for you to do today. One, acquaint yourself with the lovely Matt Smith and his marvellous depiction of the Doctor (if you haven’t already) and secondly, have a dig around on Charlie’s web site and enjoy more videos such as the second example I share below! Enjoy your day you lovely people!!


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