Posted by: Natalie | April 26, 2010

My Weekend in Five Words

Sleep: after a couple of weeks of feeling more or less useless due to a serious lack of quality sleep, Friday finished me off. I completed a full day in school, a Friday night Big Shop, ate tea then that was me done. By 8pm I was in bed fast asleep. Done. So apologies for the lack of post on Friday! After Saturday’s endeavours, I was once more in bed, sleeping soundly, well before 10pm!

Tonsils: Once I had got more than 12.5 hours sleep on friday night, I woke up completely rotten on Saturday. Swollen glands, giant red tonsils and a head like lead. Made me feel lousy for the vast majority of the weekend and is lingering with a vengeance this morning.

Garden: despite the ugliness of my health over the weekend, I still managed to get a decent amount of gardening completed: the veggie patch de-weeded and turned over, the compost bin halved and that compost added to the veg patch, mowed the lawn, weeded borders and tubs, replanted some tubs, trimmed and tied up the honeysuckle, fixed the new hosepipe for Steve to play with, removed some moss from the cracks in the concrete – all good. Sitting down every now and again in the sunshine with a cuppa really helped with the heavy headedness.

Cleaning: Sunday morning saw a very different set of chores completed. The cleaning of the house! Although not entirely complete (I have saved some to do tomorrow – lucky ol’ me) I feel much more organised and content. I like a clean house. I often used to say that the state of my desk reflected the state of my mind – the same can be said of my house!!

Emily: Finally!!!! The one who can’t sing, act, or do anything useful, was sent home from Over the Rainbow!! I could sense that Lord Lloyd Webber was becoming a little disgruntled at the fact that the talented among the contestants were being booted before this young lady. I did threaten not to watch the programme again if she survived yet another week! But it’s ok, my Saturday night ritual is intact and I can watch weekly without flinching or nearly crying now, with hope!


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