Posted by: Natalie | April 21, 2010


I am a girl who needs her sleep – always have! My mum has photos of me fast asleep in the most peculiar places as a kid, curled up on the Kitchen work top and with my face down in food! Even as an adult, if I don’t get my full sleep quota I barely function, and I know that’s true of most people, but I seriously can’t function! Just ask any of my friends!

I wander around in a bizarre ‘other-worldly’ trance that I can’t break. I can’t hear properly, I can’t see properly. Concentration is an absolute no-no. I bite at people, my limbs don’t work properly and I can hardly string words together. Its not pretty, especially as on days like this my face seems to melt. This may all sound very familiar to you, put for most people this is the result of several nights insomnia. For me, this happens if I loose a little sleep in one night! It’s most concerning!

I’m having a zombie day already! I know I can’t be sleeping properly because I keep waking up. Normally, once the head hits the pillow I am out for the count, well and truly. A rampaging rhino could crash through my bedroom wall and I would be none the wiser. So how come I can hear EVERYTHING at the moment? How come I am waking at the slightest thing? Its becoming something of a rather annoying habit. I counted six times last night. The cat flap going, a car door shutting, next door returning home at 3.50am . . . insignificant small noises that I never normally notice.

Six wake ups in one night might not sound much, but its a sign of a more unsettled mind. I am obviously not going into my deeper sleep. Something is playing on my mind . . . I just don’t know what it is. So, I am feeling a little like a zombie today. I feel like my eyes are bulging from their sockets, my limbs have been made of lead and I have been limited to communicating in grunts. I hate days like this!

Well, I’m going to have to suck it up and get on with the day – an afternoon in school beckons. There’s nothing like a building full of loud children to bring you rattling back to your senses!! eugh.


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