Posted by: Natalie | April 19, 2010

The Scarlet Letter

Oh thank God that book’s over with! It seems to have taken an unreasonable amount of time to get through the 250 pages of drivel put forth by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Everything about this book suggests I should love it and be a staunch supporter of the tragic love story, but it’s just dull!

A previous post on mine about “Quotes” and shining examples of brilliant writing is about as positive I can be about this book. I am nothing but disappointed – so much more could have been made of this novel. I understand that when this was written, the sensibilities of the reader would have been horrified and disturbed by the contents. I understand that in a modern context this particular story of estranged lovers is exceptionally mild and provokes no real emotion. But even so, there are other books of this nature and of this epoch that provoke more feeling in the onlooker. Despite the historical positioning of Hawthorne’s work, it should still be able to provoke a reaction other than, “Meh.”

So, many sighs of relief last night when I closed the book, and again this morning when I opened the pages of my next book. I did say I was going to read “A Lion Among Men” by Gregory Maguire but it would appear that was a lie! I met up with Caroline and Christie on Saturday and both were given the strict instruction to not let me buy any more books right now. They failed. To be fair though, they didn’t help much! Caroline donated two books to my cause and Christie turned up with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Steig Larsson. I also picked up another Gregory Maguire book for 40p – “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister”. I think I have an addiction!

But, this shall not be the next. This has been added to the pile. As I have to return “Dragon Tattoo” to Christie when I am done, I figured it would be polite of me to actually read this book next and therefore not run the risk of it being devoured by the rest of my pile forever more. So, click through the below image for the synopsis info (courtesy of and let me know any opinions you may have on this book. I am hoping it is good as I already have the second in the millennium series ready and waiting!




  1. Re The Scarlet Letter, I did warn you, ya know! It was part of our required reading in high school, and left such a bad taste in my mouth, I’ve managed to wipe most of the story from my brain.

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