Posted by: Natalie | April 19, 2010

My Weekend in Five Words

Conversation: I turned up at Caroline’s just before 6pm on Friday night. At 3.30am we finally looked at the clock. We had sat and chatted away for pretty much 9 hours solid, ignoring whatever we put on TV and only pausing a little over the wonderful mexican food we devoured. We have been friends 9 years (give or take) and we still talk like this – its wonderful! I love my Cie.

Sunshine: Wasn’t this weekend beautiful?! Saturday especially. The four of us (Me, Cie, Christie and Baby Dylan) had a lovely day wandering around Leamington Spa, soaking it in and feeling completely relaxed.

Picnic: We decided to make the most of our day and rolled out the blanket in the park. Sandwiches and sunshine, chatting, laughing and baby cuddling! I had such fun with my girlies and I am totally in love with Christie’s baby boy! I am not to the point of wanting one of my own, but I am more than happy to while away hour after hour in his presence! He is completely beautiful.

Garden: I really should have taken more advantage of Sunday’s weather – Steve had done some gardening while I was away with the girls, and I managed to roll the lawn mower over our field like patch of grass, but that was about it. There is weeding to be done, compost bins to be dug through, seeds to be planted, plants to be re-potted – and I just couldn’t be bothered! Anyone up for coming to sort it out for me?!!

Dexter: If you do not know what or who Dexter is, fear not, I will inevitably be posting about this TV programme later in the week. We have been lucky enough to borrow season 1 DVDs of this incredible series. It is like nothing else I have watched – I may be looking a locating the novel too, as it is a wonderful example of the onlooker instantly liking what should be a fundamentally hated character. I intend to be looking at this programme for inspiration on how to grab the reader and create a sympathy within moments!



  1. Dexter is superb. We need to catch up – I think we have made a start on season 3 but have not got very far. It gets better and better.

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