Posted by: Natalie | April 14, 2010

Weirdo Alert!

I have long suspected the main road, down from my house, is resident to a certain ‘night-time’ selling of wares. On more than one occasion I have disappointed drivers by not accepting their ‘lifts’ or being in need of any ‘work’. Its a little intimidating but I still feel safe in the area, especially as on one of these occasions, a random neighbour guy came to my aid and shooed away the silver car.

I find it quite funny – at least once another safe human being is in sight!! But, today was the weirdest. I have just returned from the post office, a mere three minute walk away. As I approached my front steps a gentleman in unseasonably wintery garb and thick glasses approached me and gently asked, “scuse me love, do you know where I might find an escort round here?” I admit, I found it hard to stifle the giggle that was playing in my mouth. I politely explained that I did not and even went so far as to explain that I did not know where those services could be procured in this area – I might not have used those words though! I would also like to add that this happened on a relatively busy residential street in bright sunlight and around 12.45pm. He just stood looking at me a moment, a slight look of distress on his face. As I reached the top of my steps to unlock my door, I turned around to see him pacing backwards and forwards, huffing and puffing as he did. This man was in some desperate need it would seem!
I am rather glad that I now have four Victorian walls and two well locked doors keeping me away from the outside world!
I hope he finds what he needs – but maybe I should have suggested he come back to the road at a more appropriate hour!



  1. Maybe in future you should only leave the house when appropriately attired – the fishnets send out the wrong idea to people!

    • heehee! If only that were the case! All quite distressing!

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