Posted by: Natalie | April 12, 2010

Word of the Day: Pain

As I have just fallen down stairs (doh!) and appear to have damaged an already knackered knee, today’s word is . . .


Word Origins:

Pain comes from the Old French, peine, which derived from Latin, poena, meaning ‘a plenty’. Oh, I get that! It is related to the word ‘punish’. Yup, get that too!

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. What happens when you reach into the blender to dislodge a stuck icecube without unplugging it first.
  2. An unpleasant sensation resulting from exposure to a stimulus that elicits a synaptic response in a pain receptor.
  3. Nature’s way of reminding you just how good something felt before it started hurting.
  4. That unpleasent feeling you get when you see a beautiful, intelligent, and all-around genuine woman holding hands with some trendy douchebait and his cell phone
  5. Weakness leaving the body.
  6. Something very humorous when it happens to others

Nat’s Definitions:

  • The sickening sensation generated when feeling bones crunch, or other such noise that should not be related to bones!
  • Often numbed by alcohol, only to come back with a vengeance in your brain!
  • Heartache – not to be confused with heartburn, which also causes the above.
  • I understand there is a house of it somewhere?
  • The ‘Introductory’ part of The Scarlet Letter – not entertainment I tell you!
  • Nicholas Cage, June Sarpong and Sonita. But the three together and you have hell!


  1. I cannot believe you have stuck the knive in to Nic Cage – we agreed he had gotten a walk due to the genius which is KickAss. Unbelievable, how soon you forget!

    • He has had a momentary reprieve but can he truly be forgiven for Captain Corelli? I think not. Nxxx

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