Posted by: Natalie | April 7, 2010


So, last week I posted the daft little game Steve and I played while having a lovely meal in Poppy Red! No one, to my knowledge, played. Boo. This makes me sad. But, never mind, it was only silly anyway – for anyone who was vaguely interested, please find the answers below . . . .

  1. Floating in the starry sky (there are several answers to this one!) : MARS, GALAXY, MILKYWAY
  2. A drinking establishment where the Hollywood elite hang out. : STARBAR
  3. Jonathan Ross plays these on April Fools’ day and Halloween.: TWIX
  4. A feline you put together yourself.: KIT-KAT
  5. Bowling. : SKITTLES
  6. They bounce here, they bounce there, they bounce pretty much everywhere : GUMMI BEARS
  7. Two tiered transport: DOUBLE DECKER
  8. Big bird’s enjoyment: TURKISH (TURKEY?) DELIGHT
  9. A really long run.: SNICKERS (aka MARATHON)
  10. What Nitrous Oxide gives your car. : BOOST
  11. Bits of Witherspoon.: REECE’S PIECES
  12. One of a ballerina’s moves.: TWIRL
  13. Witherspoon’s nutty beakers.: REECE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS
  14. A farmer’s white liquid.: DAIRY MILK
  15. A fancy staircase.: SPIRAL
  16. Not shouting. : WISPA
  17. Party people.: REVELS
  18. Shirt fastening.: BUTTONS
  19. Ye Olde players of music, usually wandering.: MINSTRELS
  20. Make fun of the beer.: MALTEASERS

Well, I had fun at least!


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