Posted by: Natalie | April 2, 2010

Word of the Day: Tea

As I have my own Tea-monkey today (Steve is off work and is doing very well at keeping this writer well hydrated and caffeine-ated!) today’s word is . . .


Word Origins:

It’s quite dull to be honest, no wandering story to this most sacred of words! We get the word via Malay, spoken in Malaysia (derr), which stole the word from the south east China language, Amoy Chinese. Its original spelling was te but undoubtedly changed in English to fit our own vowel sounds. That’s it!

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. A drug stereotypically popular in England. Comes from India or China. Sold in brightly coloured boxes advertising its healthy properties. Highly addictive. Massive advertising campaigns on TV and billboards.
    Responsible for the Britiah Empire, but superceded by coffee in the American Empire, due to coffee’s more intense hit. Universally drunk by English people.
  2. A british obsession
  3. The Elixir of life.
  4. The Best Tasting Drink In the WHOLE World.
  5. A slang term used by Jack Kerouac and the Beats when refering tomarijuana, seen in Kerouac’s novel On the Road.

Nat’s Definitions:

  • A drink your Mum recommends to cool you down when it is stupidly hot outside!
  • My evening meal.
  • What gets me up in the morning.
  • A ritual, an obsessions, a passion, a love.
  • Everything we still love about being British.
  • Can be taken with cake and scones.
  • What posh people call an afternoon snack!


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