Posted by: Natalie | March 31, 2010

The Island by Victoria Hislop

I stand by everything I have already written about this book in my previous post Unclean!!! but I am far from disappointed. Hislop’s work, I think, is indeed perfect for beach time reading – but I think I prefer to describe it as bath-time reading. You know, those days when you pile the bubbles high, allow the glass of wine to condensate next to your head and kick back in the suds to relax. This book, for those occasions, is ideal. Its relaxing. It is easy to read, easy to follow but sadly, easy to predict.

Ties were pulled together neatly at the end but there were no unexpected twists of turns, nothing that made me gasp in shock, or cry with heartache, but it does indeed, as The Observer suggests, ‘have a heart’. I think the best term for this book is sentimental. You do, eventually, get swept into the story and you bob along happily as the story attempts to tug at your heart strings – it’s more of a little nudge in that direction though. It was pleasant but I am pleased it didn’t go on much longer and I don’t think I will be actively looking for her name on the bookshelves of the charity shops. Should another of hers happen to come my way, I would of course read it – but it certainly wouldn’t sit atop the ever growing pile.

I finished reading The Island this morning, and I was filled with excitement to read the end. But sadly, this has more to do with being able to pick up my next book, rather than experiencing the climax of the long and winding tale. Pretty, gentle and enjoyable, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend buying a brand new copy. But should a donated copy come your way, treat yourself to that glass of wine, radox bubbles and open the pages. Accept it for what it is and you will not be disappointed.


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