Posted by: Natalie | March 31, 2010

Chocolate IQ test!

Ok, so its not really an IQ test, but thought I would give you some entertainment for your wet and miserable Wednesday afternoon! As many of you are counting down the hours to Easter weekend, your brains are not really focussing on whatever task may be in hand, so read on!

When we went to Les Mis on Monday, we first stopped in at Poppy Red for a meal (they have a 25% discount deal for anyone going to the Hippodrome that night!). While we were eating our oh so scrummy steak, mushroom and guiness pie and the absolutely stunning chocolate and raspberry fondant (by the way, the best dessert I have EVER had!) a tangent in the conversation led us to play a little game! Oh we really live it up!!!

Below is a list of some of the ‘descriptions’ of chocolate bars (and some sweets) we conjured up. How many can you work out?! I will post answers in a couple of days! Enjoy! (Warning: some are a bit rubbish!! Also, feel free to add your own in the comments!)

  1. Floating in the starry sky (there are several answers to this one!)
  2. A drinking establishment where the Hollywood elite hang out.
  3. Jonathan Ross plays these on April Fools’ day and Halloween.
  4. A feline you put together yourself.
  5. Bowling.
  6. They bounce here, they bounce there, they bounce pretty much everywhere.
  7. Two tiered transport.
  8. Big bird’s enjoyment.
  9. A really long run.
  10. What Nitrous Oxide gives your car.
  11. Bits of Witherspoon.
  12. One of a ballerina’s moves.
  13. Witherspoon’s nutty beakers.
  14. A farmer’s white liquid.
  15. A fancy staircase.
  16. Not shouting.
  17. Party people.
  18. Shirt fastening.
  19. Ye Olde players of music, usually wandering.
  20. Make fun of the beer.

I may even send a little Easter prize to the person who can comment with the most entertaining version of their own! I will post answers (and any winner there may be) by Wednesday next week!

Happy Wednesday!



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