Posted by: Natalie | March 29, 2010

Alice. Again!

Yep, I know I have written more than one post of late about Alice in Wonderland, but I can’t help it – my mind feels obsessed at the moment! Everywhere on the internet there seems to be this renewed relish for Lewis Carroll’s, arguably, most famous characters. Either that or I have been reawakened to its majesty – regardless of the fact that Tim Burton failed to deliver the magic as anticipated!

I just wanted to share with you some of the beautiful items recently seen in the blogisphere and on Etsy.

Fabulous Alice Fabric

Wonderful Cushion by Flickettysplits

Flickettysplits, author of All Toil and No Reward, posted this creation recently on her blog. It is a fabulous project made with unbelievably gorgeous fabric – I would love to have just a small slip of this material somewhere in my home, probably much to Steve’s disapproval! But that would be no matter, I think it is brilliant and I fully commend Flickettysplits on her creative genius!

And now, my Etsy finds! If only I could afford the freedom of finance to buy them all!!! Please click the images to go through to each store.

This is a perfect, comical necklace from Bionicunicorn's Etsy store. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Alice's Teapot from RhondasTreasures' Etsy Store

My favourite character, The Mad Hatter, is featured perfectly in this necklace from ForThe CrossJewelry's Etsy Store

A burlesque top hat inspired by the Tea Party by Talulabelles' Etsy Store

Sadly I have lost track of which Etsy store I found this on, but a good searching should find it! If its still for sale!!

So, these are just some of the results from my forays into Wonderland. I think these are just a few shining examples of fabulous fashion accessories inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novel. I should probably now stop mooching and get on with my own fiction writing. And who knows, maybe one day I can create a literary masterpiece that will inspire whole generations of creativity in a similar fashion. We can all dream . . . .



  1. I checked out talulabelles’ etsy shop – love the hat! – and OMG I so don’t make enough money!! I spotted at least 3 necklaces I would dearly love to buy although I don’t think now is the time to give Dave a heart attack….. hopefully he’ll take the hint and shop early for Christmas!!

  2. […] this pendant put me in mind of a post I wrote way back when, Alice. Again! This was around the time Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland hit the cinemas and  trawled Etsy […]

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