Posted by: Natalie | March 28, 2010

My Weekend in 5 Words

Rudeness: what exactly was wrong with everyone on Saturday morning?! I don’t know why, but everyone in Sainsbury’s seemed to be on a mission to be horrifically rude. I don’t normally get too wound up with supermarkets as I kind of expect a certain level of annoyance, but I was genuinely quite upset by the time I left, less than 30 minutes after I had entered. I was so enraged that I inadvertently spouted some fairly venomous abuse at Steve on return – completely unnecessary and really out of character over absolutely nothing! I felt awful! He found it funny! I don’t think I shall be entering supermarkets again on a Saturday lunch time for quite a while!

Tulips: The lovely Laura bestowed a beautiful bunch of red tulips on me Saturday night – the first bunch of the year! They look wonderful against the bright yellow of my daffodils, and have added a much needed flash of colour to an otherwise magnolia room! (I hate magnolia, its the colour of depression!)

Balderdash: The board game. Steve managed to pick up an almost perfect edition from the British Heart Foundation and we played it Saturday night. Its a fabulous game for anyone who likes words and description – you have to make your own definitions to things! Then deduce which is the correct one – a little like Call My Bluff. It was great fun, but it did prove that me and Laura are a little on the gullible side, and Steve? Well, I would like to use a slightly vulgar description, but lets simply say he was very good at the game!!

Brother: I got to see my big brother today!!! We met up in Sutton Coldfield to watch the Blackburn V Burnley game with his ‘in-laws’. He and his lovely girlfriend had been in the Midlands for a weekend away and arranged to meet up for breakfast, football and frivolity. It was brilliant. I do miss my brother, along with the rest of my family and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Only another week and I get to see him again – can’t wait!

Zombie: I am currently writing this post whilst watching the first in Edgar Wright’s unfinished ‘Cornetto Trilogy’,  Sean of the Dead. If you do not know the delight of films by Edgar Wright, then shame on you! Rectify this immediately! Or at least when you are home from work! The second in the somewhat loosely termed ‘series’ is Hot Fuzz, a film that becomes more and more genius every time I watch it. Each of the films stars the truly awesome Simon Pegg and his comedy counterpart Nick Frost. Absolutely love them. Can’t wait for whatever the third tenuously linked film will be! If you are a fan, I shall leave you with these little teasers; Any ideas why they are called the cornetto trilogy? And do you know the ‘gag’ / ‘scene’ they duplicate in both Sean and Hot Fuzz?! If you know not of them – acquaint yourself now!


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