Posted by: Natalie | March 25, 2010

Word of the Day: Daisy

Feeling sunny today, so the word is . . . .


Word origins:

As the sun rises and shines down onto the world, most daisies open up their petals and point their bright yellow centres towards the warmth and light. As the sun lowers and night is beckoned, the petals close again, as if the flower is sleeping. The Anglo-saxons likened this movement to a blinking eye, opening and shutting to look at the day and close out the night. They named this pretty little plant, dæges eage or ‘day’s eye’. After a few hundred years the name has remained but worn down to a simpler word, ‘daisy’.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. the coolest, most awesome,talented,nicest girl ever
  2. her… the one…. stands out as being your perfect girl as soon as you first see her
  3. In the late 19th century “daisy” was a common slang term for “the best in it’s class.” So for “daisy” just substitute “the best” and you’ll have it. It was a short-lived idiom and doesn’t seem to be popular much after 1890.
  4. The word daisy refers to some thing being good, it originated from the wild west as seen it the film tomb stone.
  5. One of the princesses in the Mario games. She wears yellow with white accents, has brown hair, and has a country-style voice. She was voiced by Kate Flemming in Mario Tennis, and starting with Mario Party 3, she was voiced by Deanna Mustard.

Nat’s Definitions:

  • A happy little flower that makes me smile.
  • A flower perfect for pinching into a chain to wear as a crown/necklace/bracelet and any other form of jewellery you can think of.
  • The lady was offered an un-stylish marriage and a tandem bike. She apparently looks sweet.
  • Something that is small and cute.
  • A soft, warm shade of yellow, often seen on paint cards in B&Q.


  1. Also, my niece / Goddaughter!

    • awwww, lovely name! I do like the name Daisy, its everything cute in the world! Nxxx

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