Posted by: Natalie | March 25, 2010

Basse Mode Fashion

Calling all Fashion Fiends . . . . .

This is not my normal remit, but I am so inspired and impressed by these ladies that I have complied with their small request to be mentioned on people’s blogs.

They are three ladies, Lauren, Emma and Fi. I sadly only have the pleasure of knowing Lauren, but together the three of them are Basse Mode: Low fashion magazine, “What real women wear, feel and believe”. They, like many of us in the world, are quite tired of the high end fashion mags that advertise inappropriate, unaffordable and non-functional (is that a word?) outfits. Their dream, that they are working hard to realise, is to produce a fashion magazine that women can actually access. A magazine that actually reflects the world we live in, how we live it and why. A magazine that is affordable without skimping on its ‘Big Sell’ – high fashion style that works for us, not the skinny celebrity who can spend a year salary on a pair of jeans.

Its a big ambition, but there is definitely a market out there, especially in these days of credit crunch when more and more of us every day gals are looking at ways of saving the pennies. I am anticipating the trio hooking onto the band wagon of ‘used’ clothing (a gross term . . . shall we say ‘vintage’ darling?) as well as the ethos of make-do-and-mend. I am anticipating they with be looking at customising etc as well as what can be found in the local high street. But more than this, I am expecting they will be promoting tips and advice to the world, of how wonderful, creative and confident you can look, and still maintain the status of a ‘real woman’.

They are currently looking for people to submit content to them, but specific content. They are just starting out and they are on the hunt for potential contributors, the details of which can be found here . . .

Have a read, see what you think, see if you could be a potential magazine writer!! I am sure the girls would be fascinated to know your thoughts and potential ideas. If nothing else, please click through to the blog and complete their very quick market research survey. This is a really big thing, and I think they deserve a massive round of applause, all our luck and best wishes.

If you would like to know a little more about the girls involved, have a look at their blogs too . . .

Lauren Cooke – A Typical Atypical

Emma Cossey – Emma Cossey

Fi Baker – Shoegal

And, just be aware, I may even be trying my hand at submitting something to the girls myself. I am getting used to rejected proposals, I’m sure one more won’t hurt!!



  1. Hi Natalie and thanks for visiting my blog – I would love it if you’d link to my Alice in Wonderland cushion! Share the love, I say. And now I’m going to spend some time reading through yours, how lovely!

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