Posted by: Natalie | March 24, 2010

Word of the Day: Risk


Word Origins:

It is fairly common, I think, to know that this word comes from the 17th Century French risque, but it is not often known where this derived from. The Italians use the word rischo that comes from the verb rischare which means ‘to run into danger’. It is thought that this word might have originally been a nautical term attributed to vessels that steered dangerously close to rocky coasts; it may have come from Latin, resecare ‘to cut off short’, which is a description of a cliff face; or it might have come from the ancient Greek rhiza, meaning ‘cliff’. Either way, both claim to be the foundation of rischare and therefore ‘risk’.

Urban Dictionary Definitions:

  1. Best board game ever
  2. Can be used instead of ‘go’, ‘do’ etc.
  3. used to describe a bad or potentially disastorous situation or condition.
  4. Acronym for Reduced Income Several Kids.
  5. a game played by two idiots who can barely manage to run their own lives

Nat’s Definition:

  • Putting oneself in a potential situation of impending doom, mild peril, or danger.
  • Leaving yourself open to potential mocking, bullying or abuse.
  • What you have to take to ultimately get what you want out of life.
  • the opposite of ‘plain sailing’
  • Nothing at all to do with ‘plane sailing’; that would be weird. Although in order to sail a plane, I guess some risks would have to be endured. So, may original statement was incorrect.  Forgive me.
  • What I have done to try and realise my dreams.


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