Posted by: Natalie | March 22, 2010

My Weekend in 5 Words

Pamper: I spent Saturday luxuriating and generally having a little ‘me’ time. I had a long hot bath, did my nails and hair (ok, hair was done badly, but done non-the-less), pulled out all the make-up tools in order to look my finest for the Law Ball. I dressed myself in a long floaty, slightly Grecian looking, purple dress adorned with just the right amount of bling. And even though they crippled my toes by the end of the night, a beautiful pair of little black shoes (courtesy of Next) dressed with little silver dragon flies. I felt pretty. Something that doesn’t happen often!

Elegance: The law ball itself was stunning – a far cry from the Blackpool visits at the Norbreck Hotel that were the Bowland College Christmas balls! The theme was A Midsummer Nights Dream, ant the tables were filled with daisies and ivy, blue twinkly lights and butterflies. We were seated in a huge marquee with chandeliers a plenty, with the dance / band area looking like the clearest, Athenian midnight sky. Beautiful. This whole world of wonder was situated in the grounds of an Abbey’s estate, Wroxall Abbey to be exact. It is a beautiful, beautiful place; a mansion and tiny chrurch set in the wooded surroundings and old tumble down remains of the original Abbey. Perfect, I would imagine, for weddings and alike (and obviously Birmingham Law society’s annual Law Ball!)

Wroxall Abbey Mansion at Night

Wroxall Abbey Mansion

Bouquet: On entering the ball, each lady was handed a large, single white rose and the men a similar button hole rose. There were flowers everywhere! So, I followed the standard set by so many of the terribly young looking law students, and began picking the odd (huge) daisy from the displays – this was late into the night, I don’t deface things often, but I figured I should try and get as much for our money as possible!! I stepped onto the return coach with several discarded roses, many large daisy like flowers and one or two clip on butterflies!! These I then added to on the Sunday with some half price daffs from Sainsbury’s. A bunch of Spring now sits on my dining table!

Order: my Kitchen finally has some! My tiny corridor of a kitchen depresses me at the best of times, but it has been a black hole of uselessness for a while now. Broken draws, ridiculously small amounts of storage space, utensils and food falling everywhere whenever you open a cupboard. So, following the Sunday big-shop, I set to sorting it out. Cupboards reorganised, ingredients and spices rearranged and a new sense of space, and achievement ensued. So much so that I unleashed an old hobby and desire . . . . see below!

Chocolate (Cup Cakes): Hoorah! I unearthed my baking equipment! I have often complained about my ability, or lack thereof, for baking. Its something I did a lot of as a kid, and I enjoyed it! So, I got myself back down to the shops and replaced some of my out of date ingredients. I opened the huge bible of bakey goodness my mum bought me two christmases ago and made some cup cakes in between making the roast dinner! I was the epitome of 1950’s sensibilities, cooking a baking for my poorly sick boy upstairs. I even made a cream frosting for the top and packed some up in a tupperware box for Steve to take to work this morning! I am hoping I can give myself the excuse of baking once a week – but the inevitable Vegas-swim-suit-diet may take it’s place!

That was my weekend. It was a good one. I hope you enjoyed your two days of freedom as much as I did mine.



  1. Oi you can’t leave such a lovely description of your fancy self without a picture – come one, let’s see it!!

    • Maybe one of my words should have been doh! As I failed to get a photo of either myself or steve – he was in a beautiful black suit with bow tie! We looked so pretty!! Nxxx

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