Posted by: Natalie | March 17, 2010

Word of the Day: Cinema

It is Wednesday. It is Orange. Therefore we must be going to the . . .


Word Origins:

The original Greek kinema meaning ‘movement’ was first used in this context by the Frenchmen Auguste and Louis Jean Lumiere, pioneers of the projector. They coined the word cinematographe in the 1890’s to word the projector they invented that could show moving images. The word was very quickly borrowed into English in 1896, with film performances being known as ‘cinematograph shows’. The French by the end of the century had shortened the word to ‘cinema’ which we also copied post haste.

Urban Dictionary Definitions:

  1. Someone who is annoyingly overdramatic, or the act of being overdramatic and hysterical.
  2. I can’t for shame post the only other definition the web site suggests!

Nat’ Definition:

  • A darkened room that shows current fictional media.
  • A place so expensive to go these days that we only venture on Wednesday’s when it’s 2-4-1!
  • The only place in the world that seems to have decent popcorn.
  • A place where I feel a violent urge to shout and scream at teenagers.
  • One of my favourite places to go, I love films!
  • The place in which I am hoping to see Alice in Wonderland tonight!

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