Posted by: Natalie | March 16, 2010

Every day, I Wake Up

Today, Plinky asks to nominate three things I do everyday, without fail. Here’s my three . . .

Wake Up
Because there would be serious consequences if I didn’t, probably involving a hospital of some form. Not good for anyone.

Check my Emails/Facebook/Blog
Because in this day and age of instant communication and media, I am sure one day something important will happen in my life via one of these. On the occasion that it does, I will already be logged on with my computer warm in order to relay the news to my nearest and dearest. And, in the case of my blog, to randoms who stumble across me via bizarre search terms that bare no correlation to anything I write about.

Whether it be at my grumpy boy in a morning, or from a phone call to my mum, or from watching random people in the street, or from being so very thankful for my wonderful life.



  1. I just answered this question too!! I was very close to including 2 of the 3 (although I do wake up every day too, this just didn’t actually occur to me!!!!).

    • Just read yours, can’t believe I forgot about TEA! Tea is the life blood that keeps us all going! God Bless Tea! Maybe we should have a national tea day?! Make it an added bank holiday in celebration? Hmmmm, think I may have a little too much of it in my blood stream today! Good call though lady! Nxxx

      • Ooh yes I am definitely on board for a National Tea Day bank holiday!

  2. Those are all fantastic responses… This is a great prompt (I hadn’t seen it yet!) and I really love how you responded.

    Now if only I could remember to remind myself to smile every day 😉

  3. Ohh there are way too many to list! Tea, brushing my teeth, talking to mum, praying, using the net, blah blah…

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