Posted by: Natalie | March 13, 2010

Word of the Day: Wedding

As so many people seem to be surprising me with their news this week, today’s word is:


Word Origins:

For this we go all the way back to Prehistoric Germanic and their word wathjam meaning ‘a promise’. This word has transcended through history to give us two words in modern English that have the same meaning; ‘Engage’ and of course ‘Wedding’, the ceremony itself being when the promises are shared in front of all to see. But Latin also gives us another word meaning ‘a promise’ from it’s stem spondere. Sponsus eventually translated into spouse which as we know means ‘husband or wife’. So all those betrothed out there be warned, that promise is made three fold!

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. a spiffy ceremony in which two people get married only to divorce/kill eachother a year later.
  2. The instance of a £15,000/$27,000 event featuring two people taking the fisrt step toward divorce, recieving 12 toasters, dancing to lame Celine Dion songs and eating obscene amounts of cake.
    At least one embarrasing drunk is required.
  3. An event which will provoke the release of all known human bodily fluids, though not every person in attendance will release all of the fluids. Among the fluids to be released:
    * Tears: The mother of the bride will cry at how nice her daughter looks and how beautiful the event is;
    * Nasal discharge: Someone is bound to sneeze during the service;
    * Sweat: The groom will be sweating, as he’ll be wondering if he’s making the right choice and ponders how his life may change;
    * Saliva: “You may now kiss the bride …”
    * Urine: At one point, all guests are going to have to take a leak;
    * Vomit/stomach acid: Someone’s bound to have a few too many at the reception and spend much of the time driving the porcelain bus;   I WILL LEAVE THAT DEFINITION THERE. I AM SURE YOU CAN ESTABLISH WHAT WOULD COME NEXT!
  4. The process of removing one’s weeds from one’s garden

Nat’s Definition:

  • The ultimate defining act of ones commitment to another.
  • A celebration of love, romance and all things soppy.
  • A great occasion for a new dress and hairdo.
  • A celebration of a new life and an unknown future, to be shared together.
  • A sign that two people in particular will probably be quite broke for the next couple of years so please don’t expect any fancy xmas/birthday presents for a while.
  • Something I would love to have!

Congratulations to all those many of you who have braved the big step and to those who are about to venture into it. Its wonderful to know that such happiness still exists in the world! I am so very happy for you all!



  1. Brilliant! Dave and I had a good laugh over this! Cxx

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