Posted by: Natalie | March 12, 2010

As Simple As You Make It

Well after a good cry, a good chat with steve, a mooch around the charity shops and an evening of dvds and food I am feeling much better. Things are in a better perspective and we have decided that whatever happens, come September I am not going back teaching full time. Nothing that provokes such a guttural reaction as this is worth it. I just want to be happy and the obvious anxieties I have been feeling of late about my work future have been wreaking more havoc than I actually realised.

All this renewed calmness came from one simple piece of advice, “Life is as simple as you make it.” Possibly the best piece I have ever received. Anyone who has had Steve bestow wisdom in their direction will know that he makes a hell of a lot of sense. Not usually one for ‘fluffyness’ he is very very good at being able to cut through the fog, wade through the crap and help you see sense, with a metaphorical slap where needed. And as simple as these few words are, they are most definitely true. Quite simply, do what you love, do what you need and do what makes you happy. Done.

So, I’m off to tap away at the calculator to suss out what my base line needs to be, and from there work out what to do to cover that base line.



  1. Steve is, hard to believe, as good as you say. And judging by the previous post, and the panic underlying it, you’ve made the right decision. And if you want some extra pocket money, we’re gonna need a babysitter sometimes! 🙂

    • He is quite a star considering he has to unpick my ranting to really work out the source!! And babysitting will never be charged! Your little boy is a sheer delight to be around and I would be happy to cover you whenever you need – I can’t get enough of him!! Nxxx

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