Posted by: Natalie | March 11, 2010


My morning post is some what late today – I haven’t started work yet!

Steve is off work poorly sick today and I don’t know if I my body is just sympathising with him or if too am coming down with the dreaded lurgy! The last two evenings I have been shattered beyond all reason, more so than usual. In fact last night I fell asleep reading, my glasses still on, before then end of the football. I have no real passion for the game, but as my boy is a United fan, I like to know the end result and catch a bit on the telly here and there. Nope. Not last night, completely away with the fairies. I don’t even remember waking enough to take my glass and dressing gown off and tuck up in bed properly.

This morning I woke still shattered. The whole of my body is aching and drowsy. First order of the day however, was to get up and go and find some shoes for the up and coming law ball. This I did with some effort. Then there was a spot of food shopping while I was next to Tesco’s. Oh dear god that was horrible – every OAP in the land was there – I swear!!! It took me over an hour to get two bags worth of food, partly because I was almost dragging myself around the store and partly because of all the dodging of kamikaze pensioners!

Lunch and tea now had, I feel no better. But I am so frustrated by this. On Monday I really pulled apart my book, really shredded it and worked out the voice, tightened my plans and saw it in a whole new vision. Then I was busy Tuesday and Wednesday so have not had chance to start the re-write. So I was really excited about today, today was going to be ridiculously productive and encouraging. But now I am sitting looking at my computer feeling a void. I know full well, that feeling this exhausted anything at all I write will be worthy of the trash can. I will just have to do it again. I will get irritated and wound up and end up hating the work I had tried so hard to realise.

So what do I do? I want to be productive, I want to make a start, but I just feel unable to. meh. maybe another cuppa and a quick walk around the park, maybe that will do. And if not, feel sorry for that poor sick boy lying in bed who is going to feel the wrath of a seriously grumpy irritable woman!


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