Posted by: Natalie | March 10, 2010

Word of the Day: School

As today I will be teaching all day (so sorry, probably no other post until tonight), today’s word is:


Word Origins:

Ah those Greeks were crazy cats weren’t they?! The meaning of this word, for many, is inappropriate if not completely and sickeningly wrong! Much of ancient Greece, particularly the Athenians, were peaceful intellectuals who sought philosophy and education. When they weren’t busy with their employment (predominantly males as women were pretty much trapped in the house with needlework) Greeks, like us, liked to chill out and relax, with their word for ‘leisure’ being skhole. But unlike us, their leisure time was spent pursuing more education and learning. Therefore, in time this word came to mean ‘an educational assembly’.

But School also has a meaning for a group of fish. This doesn’t actually come from the same stem. We actually borrowed the Dutch word schole meaning ‘group’ or ‘troop’ in the 14th Century. We then borrowed it again in the 16th Century with the invention of the word ‘shoal’.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. place were you spend first 18 years of life
  2. A place where everyone secretly hates each other includin students, staff and teachers and is a nightmare. They force you to do useless work while they also expect you to put up with peer pressure,your home life and social life.
  3. A place where young, innocent, defencless children are kept prisoner and forced to learn useless stuff like algebra
  4. an inhumane experiment where the governments tries to throw as many people as possible together in the same building and mess with their heads without getting sued for it.

Nat’s Definition:

  • Where I am right now.
  • The place which is responsible for determining the self esteem levels of our adulthood.
  • An establishment, usually filled with women and sugary coffee, that has the ability to make one feel gloriously happy with a fulfilling purpose but at the same time, so insignificant it suffocates.
  • Increasingly becoming a verb for ‘street’ speak, replacing ‘teach’.

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