Posted by: Natalie | March 10, 2010

makes me smile

This picture is from University, my second year to be exact. I love this pic of me and my Cie for so many reasons.

Obviously, I think it’s a pretty good shot, its before we got too drunk, hair and make up are good and I think we look really pretty. Caroline is my loveliest girlie, but this picture was taken before we really cemented the friendship with that glass of pink and cup of tea!

I remember the night well, a Friend’s birthday at the famous Carleton on Morecambe’s sea front – a horrible 70’s bingo hall rammed beyond fire regulations with fun and hi-jinks!

At that point in time I was in a different relationship, as was Caroline, and the future was a dusty thing that was completely out of view. It was all about the present and the friendships we were growing and the fun that we were having. That night I remember feeling a part of something I had never really experienced before, being welcome and part of a group of people who thought a lot of me. A group of friends that, even when the relationship with the boy at the time fell to pieces around me, swept me along with them and didn’t let me go. I will always be thankful to that boy for providing me with the friends I care so much about.

I also remember that night for Steve, my current boy. It is one of the first real memories I have of our friendship. We spent so much of the night laughing and talking and keeping one another company. It would appear in the broad light of day that my boyfriend at the time was busy getting love bites all over his torso from another girl – nice!

So not only does this picture depict my Cie and represent my life long friends, but also marks the turning point for me; the point when I grew in self confidence, I realised what was wrong for me and what was right. It may have taken several months and years beyond this point to actually realise these things, but looking at this photo makes me realise how happy I am that my path turned this way.

And that night, and that wonderful girl alongside me have so much to do with it, I don’t think I will ever be able to thank them enough.



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