Posted by: Natalie | February 28, 2010

Word of the Day: Jump

Because I am excited at tomorrow’s pick up . . .


Word Origins:

Some words seemingly just ‘appear’ in our language, with no known origin or stem. Jump is one such word. Up until 16th Century, the English language managed quite well with the words ‘leap’ and ‘spring’, then all of a sudden, along comes ‘jump’. There are no comparisons for this word in any other language – it is special!! It is thought that it might have come from the sound made from leaping around, mutations of ‘thump’ and ‘bump’. So for the first time a word that is neither French or Latin!

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. A surprise or planned fight, when either (a)one individual is attacked/beaten by a group of 2 or more individuals or (b) when a notiably larger group attacks/fights a smaller group of individuals. These fights can occur with or without any kind of valid reason to jump someone.
  2. to use your legs to propel yourself off the ground.
  3. Nasty female. Hood term

Nat’s Definition:

  • A method of reaching the ground from a high object such as a climbing frame, or cliff edge into a plunge pool. Often involves closing the eyes.
  • A dance move usually perfected by boys at a wedding/party/disco/general festivity where Busted or McFly might be played.
  • A movement involving both feet leaving the frying pan in order to get into the fire.

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