Posted by: Natalie | February 26, 2010

Word of the Day


Word Origins:

In Latin, monstrum, meant an evil omen that warmed of serious misfortune. It derived from the original monere which meant to remind or to warn- we also get our words ‘monitor’ and ‘monument’ from the same original stem. As time wore on, the words depreciated a little in its first terrifying meaning, it mutated slightly to be a strange or wonderful creature that might be an omen of misfortune. It began at this time to mean something that is ‘ugly’ or ‘deformed’, this branch leading inevitably to the English word ‘monstrosity’. It was the French, again, who changed the word for this terrifying beast to monstre which in turn changed to our own word in the 13th century. By the 16th century the English were also using the word to describe size.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. The best damn energy drink ever made! Comes in Regular, Lo-Carb, Assualt, and KHAOS
  2. What you become when you break up with a girl.
  3. A movie about a prostitute who kills men.
  4. An ugly woman.

Nat’s Definition:

  • The creature that lives under my bed!
  • Steve in a morning.
  • Me.
  • James P. “Sulley” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski.
  • Pixar at it’s finest.

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