Posted by: Natalie | February 25, 2010

Word of the Day


Word Origins:

Very simply, the word comes direct from the French word mocquer meaning ‘to ridicule’.

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. To treat somebody or something with scorn or contempt.
  2. Mimic somebody: To imitate somebody in a way that is intended to make that person appear silly or ridiculous.
  3. To prevent something from succeeding in a way that causes frustration or humiliation.
  4. To provoke or annoy someone.
  5. Rural inbred farmer, Uncultured, ignorant & oblivious to all when intoxicated. Travel exclusively in large groups when away from their natural surroundings. Tend to wear tight haircuts & identical shirts with sleeves rolled up. Often found brawling outside bars and clubs.

Nat’s Definition:

  • Potentially, Steve’s favourite hobby.
  • Pretending to be something you’re not.
  • A bird that mama bought me.

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