Posted by: Natalie | February 22, 2010

Word of the Day


Word Origins:

Historically the word literally means ‘hairy cat’, deriving from the Latin catta pilosa; the former word eventually translating to ‘cat’ with the later being an ancestor of the word ‘pile’ (as in carpet). This name was originally given due to the cat-like pelt some caterpillars have. In Old French, this became chatepelose entering the English Language in the 15th Century as catyrpel. It is thought the pel changed to pillar from the word ‘pillaging’ as this is what caterpillars tend to do to leaves!!

Urban Dictionary Definition:

  1. A unibrow.
  2. A insect that eats leaves and Eventually morphs into a Butterfly ot a Moth
  3. A company that makes Construction equipment. Known in the early years of it’s history for making Crawler tractors, Or bulldozers. That is why Bulldozers are somtimes referred to as “Cats”
  4. Usually seen on tourist beaches. Its when pubic hair peeks out of either side of a bikini bottom on an unkempt woman.

Nat’s Definition:

  • A creature that is known to be very hungry.
  • Unplucked eyebrows
  • A bedroom cushion though to be stuffed with a feline pelt.


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